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Henthorn TK, Krejcie TC, Niemann CU, Enders-Klein C, Shanks CA, Avram MJ
Ketamine distribution described by a recirculatory pharmacokinetic model is not stereoselective.
Anesthesiology, Dec-1999;91(6):1733-43.
Avram MJ, Krejcie TC, Niemann CU, Klein C, Gentry WB, Shanks CA, Henthorn TK
The effect of halothane on the recirculatory pharmacokinetics of physiologic markers.
Anesthesiology, Dec-1997;87(6):1381-93.
Krejcie TC, Avram MJ, Gentry WB, Niemann CU, Janowski MP, Henthorn TK
A recirculatory model of the pulmonary uptake and pharmacokinetics of lidocaine based on analysis of arterial and mixed venous data from dogs.
Journal of pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics, Apr-1997;25(2):169-90.
Krejcie TC, Jacquez JA, Avram MJ, Niemann CU, Shanks CA, Henthorn TK
Use of parallel Erlang density functions to analyze first-pass pulmonary uptake of multiple indicators in dogs.
Journal of pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics, Dec-1996;24(6):569-88.
Krejcie TC, Henthorn TK, Niemann CU, Klein C, Gupta DK, Gentry WB, Shanks CA, Avram MJ
Recirculatory pharmacokinetic models of markers of blood, extracellular fluid and total body water administered concomitantly.
The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics, Sep-1996;278(3):1050-7.
Authors: Mandell MS, Niemann CU
Perioperative liver transplant best practices: weighing the evidence.
Current opinion in organ transplantation , Jun-2008;[In-Process]13(3):273-4.
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